RealPlayer Download - Features & Download Links

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When it comes to downloading RealPlayer, there are a couple of issues that you need to take into consideration and some basic questions that you might have. Therefore, make sure you read the following information carefully in order to have a clearer idea about the process.

First of all, it is about your operating system. Apart from its Windows version, this media toolkit is also available for Mac OS X and for the i686 distributions of Linux. For Linux, you will have the chance to choose between two of the most popular formats, .deb and .rpm. In this way, installing RealPlayer will be an easy process and everyone will be able to handle it.

In terms of the languages, you will be able to download RealPlayer in some of the most important and wide-spread languages. Apart from the different versions of English (US, EU and UK), RealPlayer is also available in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. 

Finally, when it comes to the version you choose to download, you should know that there is a free one with limited functionality. However, if you enjoy using it and would like to discover the true functionality of this amazing piece of software, you might want to acquire the RealPlayer Plus version, which comes with a great number of extra features. The fee that applies is evaluated at only $39.99 and is payable just once.


Following are the features and download links to each RealPlayer version:

RealPLayer - Free Media Player

  • Plays FLV Files
  • Plays AVI Files
  • Plays MP4 Files
  • Works with Android and Blackberry
  • Works with iPod, iPhone and iPad
  • Downloads videos
  • Saves videos from YouTube, Facebook and Metacafe

RealPLayer Plus - Premium Player

  • Transfer videos to DVD and watch on TV
  • Download videos 3X faster from hundreds of video websites
  • Transfer videos 50% faster to your smartphone
  • Create professional music CDs with ease

SuperPass - Player with TV & Movies

  • No download required - watch videos instantly
  • 10 music downloads per month
  • 1 game each month
  • Premium video feeds - Big Brother Live Feeds
  • RealPlayer Plus (Free)
  • Free anti-virus and internet security software

Everything is possible through the official website of the manufacturer, In here you can choose your preferred version and find out even more about how to use all the features include in RealPlayer. Lastly, make sure you also read the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use before downloading this software, just to make sure that you understand and agree with everything mentioned there.