Download Videos Using RealPlayer

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How to Download Youtube and Online Videos from other websites, like Facebook? The answer is RealPlayer. With RealPlayer, you can download most internet videos. And, you can do that with just one click. You can also create playlists out of the videos you download.

How to use download Youtube or FaceBook Video?

  1. Get the latest version of RealPlayer: Download RealPlayer.
  2. Finish RealPlayer setup and ensure that you have enabled "Download This Video" option. 
  3. When watching a video, mouse over the video and you will see the "Download This Video" button. Click the button to save the video. The video will be saved in your download library under "Downloads & Recordings".


RealPlayer Plus takes this handy functionality to another level. With RealPlayer Plus, you can save the downloaded videos on a CD or a DVD. In other words, you can burn the playlists to CDs or DVDs. I am sure you can imagine just how convenient the one click download and the saving of videos to discs would be. RealPlayer provides the easiest way to download YouTube videos.